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Oh Brother!

My brother's full name is Christopher Morley Zobler.  His middle name was from his Grandfather, whom he never met before.  Chris was born on July 20, 1980, in Glen Cove, New York.  That was a funny story in itself.  Before Chris was born, my mother and father were living in Spain.  My dad wanted Chris to be an American so that he could receive all the benefits that any other American Citizen would have.  So, my parents made the trip back overseas and were visiting my grandparents in Manhasset, NY, when Chris decided he wanted out.  My mom was in the country a total of two days before he came out. Right after Chris was born, my parents went back to Spain and he lived out the first year of his life in Alecante.

When Chris was younger, he had very few close friends. Why might you ask? Because in every school, there is a bully. Since Chris was always the scary one because he was larger than the other boys, he would always torment them. It seemed that every friend that he made, he ended up hurting them one way or another. Chris has caused accidents over five times with his "friends." They range from throwing rocks, to hitting people in the head with horseshoes. In fear of getting hurt, people generally stayed away from Chris and that was understandable.

Chris started many traditions in our family. For example, when Chris was younger, he would call our grandmother on my mom's side, "Abuita." Chris was trying to say Abuelita, but since he was too young, he' couldn't. That is why we call our grandmother Abuita, instead of Abuelita.

So Chris's life went on and he attended New Fairfield High School. After being arrested for the Senior Prank (whoops!), Chris attended Babson College in Wellsey, Massachusetts; on the outskirts of Boston. Here, Chris is majoring in E-Business and is employed by IBM. This summer, he will be spending it home with us, but he plans on doing much traveling across the world due to work related achievements.

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