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Hey, that's me!

I have one of the most unique heritages around.  My father was born in this country.  His father was American too.  His mother however was Icelandic.  My mother's parents were Chileans a hint of Italian.  Then there are my brothers and I.  We are all American citizens, but we have Chilean blood running in our veins as well as Icelandic.  

I was born on February 18th, 1984 at Danbury Hospital at 5:15 P.M.  When I was born, I was required to stay in an incubator because I was born earlier than expected.  After a few days in an incubator, I was able to go home with my mother, as long as they kept the heat on and made sure that I was always warm.  Unlucky for us, we had electrical heat, which cost a large sum of money.  When I was three years old, my parents thought that I was deaf or mute because I wouldn't talk at all.  This was rather odd for a three year old not to talk, but when my mom was at work and I was at my babysitter's house, my babysitter was making vanilla fudge.  She persuaded me to say "please" to eat a piece of fudge and I did.  

That wasn't the only weird thing in my childhood.  At around the same time, I used to have a hobby of peeling crayon wrappers.  My mother would give me a big box of crayons and I would take the paper off and neatly place it in a pile.  This would often keep me occupied for hours.    

As time went by, I got older.  Currently, I am a student at New Fairfield High School with an estimate GPA of 3.2.  If there is one thing that I have learned in High School, it is to get involved.  When you're involved, it will prevent you from becoming a potato head.  Right now, I am co-class president, co-president of FBLA, co-founder and co-president of SCUBA club.  I won an award from the State Board of Education for Community Service.  I am an active Boy Scout, on my way to become Eagle and the list goes on.  When I get involved, I become a leader and demonstrate my skills and I don't think that I could have done that if it weren't for the environment and family that I grew up with.

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