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My Mother:

My mother's full name is Anna Celsi Zobler and was born on January 23rd, 1956.  (don't tell her that I told you that!) She has led a very interesting life as well.  She was born in Isla de Maipo and lived their her whole childhood.  She has a younger sister who is very close to her.  They both attended boarding school in Chile and were superior students.  After High School, my mother majored in Journalism then went to Spain to broaden her horizons.  This is where she met my father and according to her, it wasn't love at first site.  They later got married and moved to the United States.

My mother means so much to me.  She has inspired me in more ways that I could ever count to.  For example, right now, she is taking classes to achieve her masters and while balancing the house chores, work and school, she still manages everything and gets an A in all of her courses.  This tells me that I can do anything that I put my mind to.  She is always there to hold my hand and make me feel better about myself.  No matter how much I screw up in life, she will always love me.  She is a constant reminder that I am always surrounded by love.

One of the greatest lessons that my mother has taught me, other than to be a good person, is that God has everything planned out.  He knows what will happen and everything happens for a reason.  She has also taught me that it is okay to be different.  I like being different and she respects that.  I love my mother dearly and I respect her fully.  She has been able to keep my family together and she never puts herself before others.  She is the most thoughtful, considerate, not to mention beautiful person I know.  She always fives and never asks for anything in return.  I love her full heartedly and I hope she knows that.  Without my mom, I would not be a strong individual as I am today.  Thanks mom!

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