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My father's name is Neil Halldor Zobler. Ever since I was younger, I have always imagined what it would be like to be my father. I tried to act like him when I was younger and now that I have grown a little, I see more of him in me everyday. I am very proud of my father and I hope that I live out the rest of my life to his expectations.

My dad was born in 1946, in Brooklyn New York. He attended school between 1956 and 1964. He grew up in New York and he visited his relatives in Iceland often. I am sure that his parents were more than pleased with the man that my father has become.

My dad had a very interesting childhood. My father was taught how to ride horses at a young age. He spent a lot of his child hood riding. This came in handy because he became a horse riding instructor at one point in his life. He also took trips to Iceland to visit his relatives. He can remember always being dressed as an Indian when he went to Iceland. My dad remembers sitting around the radio with the family and listening to shows that were being broadcasted. He can also recall being told about the TV and he remembers when his family first purchased a television. The Howdy Doody show was a very popular show when my dad was younger. It so happens that he went to see a filming of a show. As it turns out, he was selected from the audience to go on stage of the show. He remembers receiving an aluminum airplane as s gift for being on the show.

My father was born with music in his blood. Music played a large part in my dad's life through college. His musical talents came through his hands. My father was and still is an exceptional drummer. Most of his jobs where as a result of his musical talents. In high school, he was in a band. The band was rather good and they got many jobs. His first job was at a dance at the Temple Judaah. His band stuck together through high school and they won many contests. In Manhassett High School, where my dad went to school, they had a battle of the bands in which student's bands played and the best group won. My father's band played in one of these contests and won. They played "La Bamba" and my father was the singer. In college, he joined many other bands. One of his biggest gigs of all time was playing as the opening act for Cream. He was the drummer for a band called the "pumpkins." This was one of my fathers greatest music experiences.

My dad has always been a hard worker. He loved money and he saved his money. He always tried to instill a hardworking ethic into my brothers and 1. By looking ant the numbers of jobs my father worked, I can now see why. My fathers first job, was when he was 13 years old. His job was simple. He had to spend his days coalting newspapers. He graduated from this level to a delivery boy. He was such an efficient paper boy that he won an award for his outstanding performance. The paper company gave him a safe. My dads second job was at a drug store. He was now 15 years old. Back in the early 60's, drug stores had mini fast food restaurants in the rears. My father was a cook and he learned how to prepare all sort of dishes. His third job came when he turned 16. He got a job at two different super markets. He worked at the Food Fair and the Grand Union. He eventually quit his job at the Food Fair and worked only at the GU. My dad learned a life long lesson working in Grand Union. It wasn't how to correctly pack bags either. He spent much of his day in the basement separating bottles. He worked along side a Spanish speaking friend of his. The two of them made a deal and decided to teach the other their language. This is where my father truly learned to speak Spanish. Little did he know that this skill would be of so much benefit to him to him in the future.

My father grew into the man he is today all over the world. My dad was a traveling man. He loved to see the different sights of the world. He moved for the first time from Brooklyn to Manhassett in 1949. His parents moved to get their children our of the city and to get better education. My dad moved again when he went off to college. He attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. He was there from 1964-65. He came back to finish school on Long Island because his father died when he was 21 years old. He was given a large responsibility and had to be there for his family. After he was on Long Island for a while, he decided to move out to Aspen. There he got a job on the ski slopes. Before groomers were invented, men and women had to slide down the mountain sideways to groom the snow. In 1970, my father was offered a job in New York City. He moved back to the city and took a job with the Israel Discount Bank. Two years later, in 1972, Uniroyal offered my dad a job which he accepted. This job moved him to Woodbury Connecticut. He stuck with Uniroyal for many years after this. Uniroyal gave my dad an opportunity that is very seldom. This company allowed my dad to travel to the ends of the earth. From Woodbury Conn., my dad moved downSouth. Way down South. He moved all the way to Carracas, Venezuela in 72. Later that year, he moved again to Cali Colombia. From Cali, he move to Bogota ( 74). He then moved to Alecante Spain(78). My dad was offered yet another job but this time it was back in the states. The Bums Security Company offered him a job which he accepted. They then moved to Danbury, CT. in 1981. In 1985, my dad decided that he wanted to start his own business. He started his own company called the United Protection Group. This new job moved us to New Fairfield where we have been ever since. My dad was given the chance to travel and he took the opportunity. This has made him a very knowledgeable and culturally diverse individual with great amounts of respect for other cultures.

My dad met my mom in the seventies and they ran around Europe together. They got married on September 15, 1979 in Alecante Spain. My morn was 25 and my dad was 34. My dad is a very special person. Not just because of his experiences, but because of the man that these experiences have made him. I know it is impossible to follow directly in my dad's foot prints, but I would if I could. My dad is a key member of my life. Without his help and guidance, I might get lost in the insanity of the world.

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